Day 11 Ngoro Ngoro Crater

The lion king in Ngoro Ngoro crater20160708_103946

After a good night sleep in our camp at about 3000 meters above sea level, we stood up early to eat breakfast. A little behind schedule, with some stomach pain, we started our descend to the Ngoro Ngoro crater to look for lots of animals living there. We had a great day cruising at the bottom of the crater together with lots of different animals – most of them the same as in Serengeti. After some hours driving, we headed back to Moshi where we arrived late in the afternoon. All of us feeling happy but tired.

Luna Noor and Bjørnis ready to visit the Ngoro Ngoro crater20160708_072905Tenting at 3000 m on the edge of the Ngoro Ngoro crater… Spooky and coooold!

20160708_073618Luna Noor and Emeric Philip in the morning nearby the Ngoro Ngoro crater

20160708_072852Hippos in Ngoro Ngoro


Other animals

 20160708_095623 20160708_092643

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