Day 21 and 22 Zambia to Zimbabwe

Walking over the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe

20160718_124816We started our day eating a late breakfast and relaxing in Livingstone. We then took a taxi to the border to Zimbabwe (nearby Victoria Falls). We walked over the bridge and border to Zimbabwe with our backpacks and other luggage. We then spent a day in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. In the evening we took the night train to Bulawayo in the middle of Zimbabwe. The following day we relaxed walking the streets in the outskirts of Bulawayo nearby the villa we rented for three nights.

Enjoying different and delicious food in Livingstone20160717_144510Centipede is on the menu… Yummy!

20160717_201049 …and crocodile is next! 20160717_201057This is how you look like eating either centipede or crocodile meat…

20160717_201727 20160717_203235Time to leave Zambia…

20160718_123507 20160718_124203 20160718_124220

Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side

20160718_174043 20160718_175309 20160718_180103On the road (train) again…

20160719_071716Playing cards make the trip a little bit shorter… 20160719_092951Arriving Bulawayo in Zimbabwe after one night on the Train 20160719_110752Ellens place in Bulawayo… just beautiful! 20160719_121342 20160719_121458 20160719_173744Cosy place to relax in at nighttime… 20160719_174119 Beautiful garden view…20160719_174125… and beautiful hallway…20160719_174312Eating out in the evening…20160719_204059

2 thoughts on “Day 21 and 22 Zambia to Zimbabwe

    • It was not too complicated. There was other women, men and children, but most from other countries than Zambia – like ourselves. Great way to cross the borders by crossing Zambezi. 🙂

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