Border passing

Visas and border passing is managed in different ways. In Dar es Salaam there is chaos, cost 50$ each and if you do not have dollars you are asked to go through the custom to withdraw Shillings and change to dollars and then return back to pay. A total of 6 persons were involved in putting the visas into the passport and it took 90 minutes. At the Tazara train we were met by some friendly ladies that efficiently provided 4 visas (visas for under aged was not required) for 50$ each, this took less than 5 minutes, and no extra documents where filled in. Be aware that if you do not have dollars, then there is a guy at the train selling dollars for Kwacha or Shilling. At the Zimbabwe border we had to fill in a visa application (registration), and the total process took 20 minutes with 30$ per visa.

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