Day 32 Goodbye Africa – Hello Asia

Gloria made our stay in Johannesburg very nice. Thank you sooo much – miss you already!20160728_104704

On the evening of the 28th of July we left Johannesburg to go to Tokyo in Japan. We had a loooong journey in front of us. We spent altogether 18 hours in the air, only changing planes in Doha, Qatar. Arriving Tokyo was a breathtaking experience. As we arrived late in the evening, we watched the city grow bigger and bigger under the plane until we landed. The city looked like a billion stars… The following days we were about to discover a beautiful, diverse, clean, funny, well organized, low crime, interesting and amazing city with polite, helpful and nice people. Among many other things, we saw Supermario and his friends drive peacefully through the center of Tokyo one saturday morning. We all just loved the city from day one. 🙂

The pictures will speak for themselves…

20160730_064923 20160730_085647 20160730_085651 20160730_085706 20160730_090356 20160730_085856

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