Never ending projects

In India we experienced that nothing was finished. There was construction work everywhere (road, railway, houses ….). Hughes projects with no workers doing the job. New modern railway that ended in the middle of nowhere, 200 km highway with detours all the way between Delhi and Agra. Houses that was only the structures and no more. Maybe it is not that bad in Norway where only small parts of the road are improved at a time….

2 thoughts on “Never ending projects

  1. Dear Siv, Since you say “nothing was finished” in India, do you think this is a country you would revisit in the future? Did you (all) love this country/India?


    • We specially liked Varanasi and I think we will go back one day. The kids did find it a bit to chaotic. I believe that there was no government money to finnish projects and that there where to many projects started.


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