Day 101 to 103 Artistic Penang in Malaysia

Luna Noor posing with street art in Georgetown20161008_175536

Penang is a state on the northwest coast of Malaysia. It has about 1.7 million inhabitants and is highly urbanized and industrialized. Georgetown is the capital city on Penang Island. Mostly Malay and Chinese people live there, but also Indian and other ethnicities. The religions that are practiced are Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Cristian and Taoist faith. We got to visit/see some of the top attractions like Georgetown (streetart) and the Goddness of Mercy Statue and Gurney Drive Other than doing sightseeing for one day (hop on- hop off bus) in Georgetown we were quite lazy and stayed by the pool or the seaside nearby our hotel… 🙂

Luna Noor and some other beautiful flowers in Penang


Temple nearby Goddess of Mercy Statue20161008_132135-kopi

On our way from Kuala Lumpur to Penang we experienced for the first time in our lives to sit on business class… Wow! We had real glasses, big recliners, food was served before take-off and we were given blankets to be comfortable! Even if this is a one time experience, I have to admit it was a goooood one! 🙂20161006_174753-kopi 20161006_174837-kopi 20161006_174942-kopi

One of our favourite activities… swimming and relaxing by the pool of our hotel

20161007_122536-kopi 20161007_122634-kopi 20161007_122800-kopi 20161007_172958-kopi…and by the seaside in front of our hotel 20161007_123007-kopi 20161007_123022-kopi 20161007_123034-kopi

Best eating experience in Malaysia – Lunch at Barista Café & Casa de Pizzeria in Georgetown

20161008_160546-kopi 20161008_154422-kopi 20161008_160440-kopiPete made us some super delicious pizzas and salads – Jummy!!! 20161008_165822-kopi 20161008_163014-kopi

Georgetown – streets, buildings and street art

20161008_153153-kopi 20161008_17364520161008_171431-kopi  20161008_171931-kopi 20161008_174115 20161008_181043 20161008_182101 20161008_18200220161008_145616-kopi 20161008_18164720161008_123603-kopi20161008_123314-kopi 20161008_18125620161008_145838-kopi 20161008_181239 20161008_181158 20161008_175247 20161008_175731_018 20161008_174428 20161008_175322 20161008_173823 20161008_174244 20161008_174116 20161008_174452 20161008_174645 20161008_173534 20161008_173426 20161008_173424 20161008_173302 20161008_173206 20161008_173059 20161008_175055 20161008_172754-kopi 20161008_172825-kopi 20161008_172620-kopi 20161008_172334-kopi 20161008_171957-kopi 20161008_172016-kopi

Gurney Drive

20161008_183022 20161008_183007 20161008_150845-kopi  Visit to Goddness of Mercy Statue, streets. temples and flowers


20161008_134439-kopi20161008_134029-kopi 20161008_134056-kopi 20161008_133753-kopi 20161008_132122-kopi 20161008_132009-kopi 20161008_131916-kopi 20161008_131855-kopi20161008_134508-kopi 20161008_134544-kopi 20161008_134712-kopi 20161008_134740-kopi 20161008_131158-kopi 20161008_131151-kopi 20161008_131712-kopi  20161008_131215-kopi 20161008_131143-kopiTurtles… 20161008_130437-kopiStreets we walked up to the Goddess of Mercy Statue 20161008_125941-kopi 20161008_125936-kopi20161008_123201-kopi 20161008_125557-kopi 20161008_124442-kopi 20161008_124437-kopi 20161008_124354-kopiAnd some more flowers… 20161008_135228-kopi 20161008_135330-kopi 20161008_135321-kopi

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