Day 104 to 105 Impressing Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Ib, Luna and Siv in front of Petronas Towers on a sunny day 🙂


Kuala Lumpur took us by surprise as we had no idea it was such a dynamic, clean and high-tech city! As it is the capital of Malaysia and has near 1.8 million inhabitants – in addition to loooots of tourists, the city is teeming with life. We quickly understood this was a city we had too little time (3 days) to explore. We soon agreed Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur is a country and city we would love to revisit some time in the future. This time around we had the pleasure of visiting the city center, Petronas Towers and Batu Caves.


Kuala Lumpur city center and buildings20161009_235500

20161010_090343 20161010_092358 20161010_092343 20161010_120814 20161010_122105 20161010_122056 20161010_185041

Petronas Towners

20161010_120903 20161010_122002 20161010_120813 20161010_122025 20161010_122501 20161010_122411 20161010_122250

Ib, Luna and Emeric are playing tricks on us

20161010_122156 20161010_122542 20161010_122147

Formel 1 cars on display inside Petronas Towers 


Science activity center and shop inside Petronas Towers

20161010_125232Batu Caves

20161010_175641 20161010_175903 20161010_180227 20161010_180318 20161010_180451 20161010_180536 20161010_180600 20161010_180630 20161010_180659 20161010_180919 20161010_180948 20161010_181302 20161010_18131820161010_181411Apes playing in the stairs down from the caves


20161010_175829 20161010_181549Never seen a red/white pigeon before…20161010_182009

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