Day 138 to 153 Relaxed Subotica in Serbia

Unique and beautiful building in the center of Subotica


Our next adventure on our trip around the world is Subotica in Serbia. From sunny and warm weather in Vietnam we reached Oslo in Norway /Europe one winter afternoon. Fortunately my sister Lara and Luna’s friend Tina with her mother Wenche came to meet us at the airport. We had 2 hours together, eating, chatting and laughing. What a joy! Thank you soooo much for planning your time to meet us, all of you!

As part of our worldwide family tour I had to finnish my jaw surgeries that had I started almost two years ago in NorDent’s clinic in Subotica in Serbia. To make a long story short, I had an accident resulting in loss of 7 adult teeth at the age of 11. For many years I have lived problem free with two bridges in my mouth. Sadly two years ago I got an inflammation in one of the roots which was used as support for one of the two bridges. I had no other choice but to fix it as soon as possible. And luckily I was able to manage it with advanced surgeries in NorDent’s clinic. It has been a long and emotional journey but the result is worth the time, effort and pain… 🙂

To make the trip somewhat exciting to Luna Noor, we called this “the ladies trip” so that she and I could get some time alone exploring this city in the northern Serbia which is known for its unique architecture, relaxed atmosphere and good food. Unfortunately I had to spend from 3 to 6 hours inside NorDent’s clinic every second or third day for two weeks but Luna Noor was very patient and waited for me while she was doing schoolwork (math and reading). One of NorDent’s employees, Sandra, was also a great support and made Luna Noor feel welcomed and taken care of. After walking in and out the clinic’s doors for almost two weeks we felt that we came to know both the dentist, assistants, surgeon, dental technician and administrative personnel… Thank you so much for making me able to smile again – with teeth in my mouth! 🙂

Even if much time was spent inside the dentist’s room we were still able to enjoy days and nights by walking in the city, watching “Trolls” in the cinema – in Serbian language!! :-), sight-seeing, visit the hairdresser, eating good food (pizza, soups and salads… Yummy!), celebrating Luna’s 9th birthday, bowling and shopping.

Sandra, Siv, Igor and Luna Noor at NorDent in Subotica


At the airport in Oslo in Norway. Great meeting you all – Lara, Tina and Wenche!

20161113_155021 20161113_155326 fb_img_1480780520177

Subotica city center 20161122_14434220161126_13252820161126_102216 20161118_144154 20161117_124025 20161117_12405620161125_12262620161126_16332320161115_165235 20161115_165344 20161122_174013  Shopping and dining 🙂

20161125_123333 20161123_175643 20161125_123412 20161126_143406 20161121_155023 20161121_154850 20161121_153348 20161121_153723 20161118_152349 20161114_140052 20161114_150349 20161118_152354

Old teeth, no teeth, implants, new teeth 🙂

20161114_140021 20161114_135654

No teeth… (hiding it as best as I can… :-))20161115_082005 20161118_09420320161123_145801Implant screws and imprints of my old teeth 20161115_121412 20161115_1214261479207514192 20161123_150332New teeth and happy smile! 20161125_123526

We had a great time at the hairdresser’s. Our hairdresser was very sympathetic and funny. We laughed a lot and for the first time in my life I have been offered a country’s national drink after cutting my hair… 🙂 It was not very different from Norway’s own “aquavit” in my opinion. Thanks a lot, Biljana, for making our day special and funny! 🙂

20161119_110848 20161119_112714 20161119_114544 20161119_123818

NorDent and their fantastic people


Luna Noor, Lubica and me20161126_112822Me, the tooth technician and his assistant 20161125_144909

Me, the dentist, her assistant and Luna Noor20161125_151440

This is the man who made my new teeth!!! 🙂20161125_151108Luna Noor and Sandra 20161125_145032Celebrating Luna Noor’s 9th birthday.

What a surprise… all the way from Canada came a present from Susan (whom we met in Halong Bay in Vietnam) Thanks, Susan! You are an angel! 🙂 Luna Noor loves the t-shirt you gave her. From Sandra, she got a Ludo, stickers and post-its. We spent a great time playing and eating with Sandra. 🙂  We also went bowling, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of that.

20161124_180235 20161124_175720

6 thoughts on “Day 138 to 153 Relaxed Subotica in Serbia

  1. Dear Siv, You look amazing with your new haircut and your dentist did an amazing job .. you smile shines even more.

    My Dear Luna Noor, You look so wonderful in your t-shirt. When you wear this t-shirt, you have to speak English. Big hugs,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Susan, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am happy I can smile again without being afraid my teeth will fall out 🙂 Ha, ha. Big hug, Siv Johanne

      Dear Susan, I love the t-shirt! I wear it a lot and I talk english every day now with Hera here in the Philippines. I will try to talk as much as possible these days. Big hug, Luna Noor


  2. Kjære Siv, Takk igjen for et hærlig referat fra deg! Du ser virkelig flott ut med ny, kledelig hårsveis og et praktfult smil <3. Og Luna Noor var nydelig med korketrekkere i håret 🙂
    Ønsker deg og dine en fin desembermåned der du må nyyyyte —- etter all pina du har vært igjennom med "de te'in".
    Stor klem til dere alle 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kjære Astrid! 🙂 Tusen takk for omtanken og hyggelige ord. Jeg er virkelig glad for å være ferdig nå, ja, og takknemlig for at det jeg har gjort i det hele tatt er mulig å gjøre… Da slipper jeg gebiss allerede som 47-åring! He, he!
      Ja, tenk at vi er kommet til desember måned! Det føles egentlig ikke som det her vi er. Vi har varme, sol og lys så det holder. 🙂
      Håper dere får en fin og god Julefeiring med familien. Hils alle sammen så mye fra oss her nede. Jeg er glad for at Ole blir å være der med dere i Julen… Sender mange varme tanker til dere, Randi m/familie og Reidar! ❤ ❤ ❤
      Siv Johanne med familie


  3. Hi Luna and Siv !
    Even if it was quite restrictive, your trip in Serbia seems very nice. It was surprising to see you with shorter hair. But no problem to recognize your beautiful smile.
    With some delay, we wish an happy birthday to Luna.
    Big hugs.


    • Hi Regine,
      Thank you for your message. And thank you for the happy wishes on my birthday.
      We are now in my grandfather’s house in the Philippines. The weather is great and we swim every day.
      BIG HUG from Luna Noor and mother 🙂


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