Our dream journey has started


Today we started our worldwide Family tour. Our family consists of 5 members. Ib Margido (26), Ole Martin (48), Emeric Philip (18), Luna Noor (8) and Siv Johanne (46). Wonderful trip with Qatar Airways.  20160628_102714





First stop has been Doha in Qatar. The temperature outside is 37 degrees celcius. Well – we asked for it! 🙂20160628_191251

Tomorrow we will continue to Tanzania and Zanzibar. Looking forward to it! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Our dream journey has started

  1. We are thankful, that you talk to us this morning 🙂

    I startet to read you blog this agternoon and I will try to read every post in the next days, lately when we arrived at home on Thursday.
    Have a nice journey you 5!

    Karoline and Marcel

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    • Hi Karoline 🙂
      It was nice meeting you yesterday. Hope you had a calm and safe journey to Bangkok. We will be staying here for some more days and really enjoy late mornings, swimming in the pool and bicycling around town – shortly put – living slowly for some time 🙂
      Keep in touch!
      Big hug Siv Johanne, Ole Martin and Luna Noor

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