Day 2 Doha – Dar-Es-Salaam – Zanzibar


After a 5,5 ½ hours flight from Doha to Dar-Es-Salaam we could finally enter the airport arrival zone. When we first entered, we experienced a chaos of people standing in lines to get their visas apporved. We ended up spending 2 hours waiting for our visas and picking up our luggage.Beautful sunset before landing at Zanzibar


Beach outside Villa Bahati at Zanzibar


Luna Noor and some of the friends she made at Zanzibar 


 While Ole ran back and forth without his passport and visa – through the passport and visa control to get dollars from the ATM outside the airport to first withdraw Tanzanian shillings and then exchange them into dollars (no cards excepted inside the visa application zone…) to pay for the visa application. All of us became quite tired of the whole situation, but we understood that we had no choice but to wait. We where all in the same situation. When our visas finally were approved, a person put the passport up in the air and shouted the first name of the persons passport, hoping to find the right person in a group of 50. Luckily we got all our passports back with our approved visas and went straight through the passport conctrol where the person sitting there only looked through one of our passports… After picking up our luggage we had to take taxi to the domestic part of the airport to take a small plane to go to Zanzibar. Luna Noor was terrified (and I must admit I was a bit scared myself) so we had to keep calm together. Still we ended up loving the trip all of us, looking at a beautiful sunset while landing in Zanzibar. To get to our final destiation in Zanzibar, the village Jambiani, we took a taxi for 1 ½ hours. We arrived Villa Bahati in the dark, but got the warmest welcome from the staff working there. After a late dinner we were all excausted and went to sleep at around  22.

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