Day 7 Moshi and Kilimanjaro is next…

 Me enjoying my Nero chocolate. Thinking of Anette at work and Audun and our neighbours at home… 🙂20160704_055117Luna Noor and I – early in the morning at the bus…

20160704_060846 We woke up at 04.50 and took a taxi to the Dar-Express bus station. We then got tickets to travel to Moshi (nearby Kilimanjaro). The bus trip took around 8 1/2 hours. On the bus we were served cold sodas and bisquits. We had one stop to eat and og to the toilet – first time ever experiencing arabic (standing) toilets… Luna Noor did not like it… 🙂  We listened to swahili music and watched Tanzanian movies having a blast…

Ib Margido a little later on…20160704_125219

Ole Martin and Luna Noor – still going strong…20160704_125130

Arabic toilets – not our favourite… 🙂20160704_094934

Arriving hostel in Moshi 20160705_083155

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