Day 8 Chaggas, bananas, gophers and Kilimanjaro

Going bananas…20160705_121305Today we aimed at visiting the Chagga tribe nearby Kilimanjaro. We learned how they made iron spears and tools, cultivate coffe, ananas, bananas and learning about their history with gophers (soil caves) to hide from other tribes in their past. Further we walked to a beautiful waterfall nearby and nearly touched Kilimanjaro… Next time we’ll klimb it perhaps? 🙂     

Spears and warriors… 20160705_105811

The art of coffee making…20160705_12404520160705_123719Ananas…20160705_121451The whole family entered the gophers (soil Caves)20160705_115328

Walking Down to see the waterfalls20160705_133500

Gorgeous waterfalls20160705_134532

Happy people in front of waterfalls…20160705_142537

Reptile… Scared? Noooooo – but consentrated… 🙂20160705_144940


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