Day 9 Travel to Serengeti

Overview of the Ngorongoro (gift of life) crater20160706_135944At 05.30 the alarm clock went off, we slipped into our clothes and picked up our bags.  A new adventure awaited. We set off for Serengeti at 06.30 and arrived our camp destination at 19.30 – exhausted. Still our driver Freddy had driven like a pro in “Rally Dakar”. After a flat tire and a motor breakdown we were lucky enough to get rescued by another Landcruiser and reached the camp just before sunset.Our flat tire…20160706_180629

Maasai children on our way to Serengeti 20160706_155636The landscape on our way to Serengeti 20160706_180919Blue, green and orange bird in Serengeti 20160706_170934

Around 23.00 our dinner was served and we had not eaten since 12.30. No need to tell that we all were a bit edgy and longed for sleep. As our driver Freddy had still not reached the camp with our tent we had to wait another while before we could og to sleep. Finally – at around 24.00 we got to borrow a tent where all 5 of us could sleep very tight. Still we managed to sleep all of us. Outside the tent we could hear the hyenas howling… Sleep tight! 🙂

Emeric Philip already in his sleep…


Siv Johanne and Luna Noor before sleeping in tent in Serengeti


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