Day 16 to 17 Train highlights

Emeric Philip in Buddha position in the morning on the train… He was quite cold.


Some highligths on our 2 days of train trip…

Emeric Philip and Luna Noor playing the IPad

20160713_141607 Eating time. Our new favourite is tuna with sweet corn…20160712_151750 Train tracks…20160713_100330Ib Margido in his bed looking for some pizza perhaps…?20160712_153918Sunset in Zambia…20160713_183718 Fish and rise for dinner…20160712_200312Ib Margido in the early morning hour…20160714_094039Zambian nature…20160712_18022620160714_131043Luna Noor eating Nutella and bread… mmmm20160712_151852Just gorgeous… 20160712_184645Siv and Ib’s happy escape from the 1st class compartment for some minutes…20160714_095046Our compartment for 2 1/2 days 20160714_191302One last picture before we leave the train in Kapiri Mposhi20160714_191851

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