Day 18 Lusaka to Victoria Falls

Luna Noor and Ole Martin is nearly taking a swim…

20160715_120654After a lazy and wonderful morning and breakfast at Radisson Blue in Lusaka, we entered the bus to go to Livingstone (Victoria Falls). The trip took us about 6 hours and we were happy to reach our next destination, Livingstone.

Breakfast at Radisson Blue in Lusaka

20160715_092721Inside Radisson Blue in Lusaka – a huge contrast to what we have seen these last 3 days…20160715_095719It’s freezing cold outside. Just in case you are from Norway and do not realize this… 🙂20160715_095603

 Still they won’t admit it is winter in Zambia…20160715_120631 20160715_115804 20160715_120728

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