Day 25 Bulawayo to Johannesburg

Saying goodbye to Ellen and Pauline in Bulawayo… We will miss you both!


Today we were lucky enough to get our e-mail started… We discovered that we had got an e-mail from Air Zimbabwe the evening before that told us that our flight was cancelled and replaced by another – only 3 hours earlier than planned. We had to hurry get a taxi and get as fast as possible to the airport. Long story short – we made it – and we ended up in Johannesburg in the afternoon. South-Africa – here we come!

Our view from the restaurant Wasabi where we ate the first evening…20160723_180438This is where we stay in Johannesburg – COZY! 🙂

20160722_164136 20160722_164220Out mega-super-marked shopping the arrival day!

20160722_17044320160722_171918Looks just like IKEA  at home – only with grocerys… 🙂20160722_172814

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