Day 26 to 30 Johannesburg in South-Africa

Downtown Joburg, South Africa

20160723_132352Before coming here we were advised to be careful both by people we had met and the internet about safety issues in this town. We have found  Joburg to be quite nice and overcoming as long as you stay in the center or visit different places with guides that know the city well. The statue of Gandhi in the very center was a big and positive surprise to me. What a guy! 🙂 Going to Soweto and Pretoria were two other highlights while staying in Johannesburg. The contrasts were enormous between the poor and the rich people and areas in this town. Visiting the Apartheid Museum was magnificent. In addition – the artistic area in Joburg was a very nice place to visit as well as the amusement park “Gold reef city”.

Johannesburg city and museum

20160723_135851 Funny walking for 2 hours in a biiiig city not spotting a single white person other than us. 🙂 There lives between 4 to 5 million people in the city of Johannesburg local municipality. Around 73 % of the population is between 16 to 64 years of age (working age).20160723_141244

In the art museum – Salvador Dali’s telephone…20160723_144526Gives some perspective of the history… 20160723_145910

Gandhi square in midtown… Gandhi – what a guy!


Soweto – huge contrasts to other parts of the city

20160725_131607 20160725_132109 20160725_132113 20160725_13223020160725_130714Mandelas home and surroundings

20160725_133224 20160725_133211 20160725_133717

The apartheid museum. Impressing – too bad we were not allowed to take pictures inside the museum…

20160725_124328 20160725_123942 20160725_124000 20160725_123952The artistic area of Joburg

20160726_141000 20160726_140746 20160726_141031 20160726_141916 20160726_141900 20160726_141415 20160726_141121 20160726_141055 20160726_141352 20160726_142332 20160726_142142 20160726_134951 20160726_160319 20160726_143336 20160726_143410

The “Gold Reef City”

20160727_120428 20160727_122222 20160727_122845 20160727_124906 20160727_125529 20160727_130038 20160727_134922 20160727_154811

After long days with lasting impressions – WASABI – our favourite restaurant…

20160723_18275220160722_18551120160722_201756Sushi like we’ve never tasted and looked before… Just loved it!20160723_184049Yummy…. 20160722_19282220160722_19283020160722_192843

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