Day 33 to 37 Tokyo



What a city! We are out of words. How is it possible to fit nearly 14 million people in this city and still leave it this clean?! Beats me! Whoever planned the city’s infrastructure must have been a genius to be able to make this work in such a great manner. On saturday night we went out walking, and the city was so calm and quiet. The next few days we went out to see the electric center, Sun City, the Zoo, the Imperial Palace gardens, and Ginza.

Unfortunately both Emeric Philip and Luna Noor came down with stomach ache and fever the first two days of our stay here in Tokyo. We had to slow down a bit and relax in our rented apartment before exploring more of the city. But when we did – oh myyyy! Some highlights follows…

Right outside our rented apartment in Tokyo…


Skyscraper in the city center.


Temple in midtown Tokyo

20160731_090516 20160731_090631Biking police


Exibition in the Ginza

20160731_111459 20160731_110653And some more pictures

20160801_185811 20160801_12533220160731_081729 Luna is trying yoga in the city center…20160801_125710Ib and a character from Jump20160801_094716 Biking is very popular…20160801_064728They even got their own smoking areas… 20160731_130720The Zoo

20160802_082138 20160802_082335 20160802_083417 20160802_092054 Somebody’s having a gooood time…

 The Imperial Palace gardens – what a stunning sight!20160803_043844 20160803_045952 20160803_050020 20160803_044716 20160803_044625 20160803_050025 20160803_080716 20160803_073901 20160803_072900 20160803_072854Return to the city, shopping and chocolate…20160803_06263020160803_07382520160803_084617 20160803_085045 20160803_082400 20160803_082355 20160803_082350

4 thoughts on “Day 33 to 37 Tokyo

  1. Fantastisk!👍 Så flotte bilder og beskrivelser! Hva dere opplever! Jeg synes alt blir bare bedre og bedre! Håper alt går bedre med både Emeric og Luna Noor! Hils alle og ha en fornøyelig tur videre!😀 Gleder meg til flere leserbrev!😃


    • Tusen takk, Greta! Joda, alle er friske og raske igjen. Nå er vi i Hiroshima og har nettopp kommet fra Kyoto. Fantastisk å få oppleve alt dette. Vi er stappfulle av inntrykk og jeg er sikker på at det ikke blir mindre etter hvert… Varm klem (35-37 grader hver dag) fra Japan og hele familien. Hils alle 🙂


  2. Dear Norwegians, we don’t really know each other but we briefly met in the hotel in Hiroshima. We wish you a very safe journey! Bye Doreen & Emile Hendriksze (from the Netherlands)


    • Dear Doreen and Emile,
      Thanks for your Message and wishes for a safe trip. We will try to keep safe as best as we can.
      Wish you the best for your trip as well.
      Best regards, Ole and Siv with family


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