Day 38 to 41 Magical Kyoto

The golden temple in Kyoto


I have to admit I thought Kyoto would be a little less exciting than Tokyo… I was wrooooong! In this city one can explore plenty of historical, cultural and world heritage sites like gardens, forests, temples, lakes and shrines.The shopping district is great fun to explore as well. The pictures will tell it all… I just looooove Kyoto!!!

We were quite optimistic the first day trying to do sightseeing while bicycling – in 37 degrees farenheit! That did not work too well. We had to give in after hours of sweating and overheated heads and bodies. The next days we tried the JR, metro and bus instead and we managed to get around to see many beautiful places all happy and relaxed.

Som wonders of Kyoto

20160805_163821 20160805_164544Bamboo forest

20160805_093120 20160806_051123

Rickshaw runner



20160805_091232Rice cultivation, trees and lake swimming

20160806_105029 20160806_104211 20160806_105105 20160806_105742 20160806_105134 20160806_161639 20160806_161420 20160806_161608

Temples and shrines – Fushimi Inari-taisha

20160807_035845 20160807_035939 20160807_040334 20160807_040338 20160807_040756The golden temple



20160807_161641_001 20160807_161607 20160807_093916 20160807_093027 20160807_092800 20160807_092445 20160807_092043 20160807_091457 20160807_092413 20160807_094123

 Sanjungsangen-do temple

Sanjusangen-do20160807_06084620160807_061143Shopping, icecream and shrines

20160804_080313 20160805_210338_002 20160806_055244 20160806_065549 20160804_084922 20160804_081339 20160804_081309

4 thoughts on “Day 38 to 41 Magical Kyoto

  1. Hei!😀 Like spent hver gang dere sender fra et nytt sted og jeg syns dere er fantastisk flinke med bilder og tekst!👍 Hils alle og fortsatt god tur!😀 Hilsen og klem


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