Day 45 to 49 Exciting Busan

Busan Cinema Center20160814_213032

Busan is a city with around 3.4 million people and the beach in Haeundae is South Korea’s “Fort Lauderdale”. At the moment it is some degrees too hot (around 35 degrees celsius) and has a busy night life. Haeundae beach is a white sandy one and is 2 km long and is well suited for relaxing and sunbathing. If you want to take a swim the sea is pleasantly warm. The city has a beautiful skyline and most buildings are quite tall making space for the city’s inhabitants. Other sites we’ve visited are Sea Life Busan Aquarium, Busan Lotte Shopping Mall, Busan Cinema Center and Beomeosa temple. All four sites were great fun.

At the arrival in Busan, we hurried from the Busan International Port to the Busan Metro, only to get on the wrong direction from Haeundae (where we had booked our stay). This resulted in another accident where Emeric forgot his backpack on the metro. Fortunately we discovered that one bag was missing when we got to Haeundae metro and ran to the customer service office and within 1 1/2 hour we had got the backpack with a computer and headset in it! Beat that! The only thing that he had to do was to sign out his backpack.

20160811_214241Higlights from Haeundae

20160812_175956 20160813_19304220160813_194351 20160813_193602 20160812_212007 20160813_194828 20160813_195709

Sea Life Busan Aquarium

20160812_154825 Piranha close-up20160812_155043 20160812_155650 20160812_161655 20160812_162242 20160812_162341 20160812_162440 20160812_163125 20160812_163719 20160812_164830 20160812_165154 20160812_173340

Busan Lotte Shopping Mall

20160814_124819 20160814_152335 20160814_140107 20160814_140016 20160814_135812 20160814_124934 20160814_125652

20160815_154544 20160815_154553

Busan Cinema Center

20160814_213026 20160814_213111 20160814_213210 20160814_213216 20160814_213248 20160814_213255Bemeosa Temple

20160813_121657 20160813_121752 20160813_121826 20160813_122058 20160813_122102 20160813_122216 20160813_122423 20160813_122729 20160813_122803 20160813_123332 20160813_123638 20160813_123655 20160813_123740 20160813_123757 20160813_123850 20160813_124146 20160813_124218 20160813_124249 20160813_124542 20160813_124634 20160813_125129 20160813_125248 20160813_125343 20160813_131707

2 thoughts on “Day 45 to 49 Exciting Busan

  1. Hei! Så fantastisk!😀👍 Har ikke ord! Du er så flink med ord og bilder!👏 (Det var litt av en bragd å få igjen sekken med alt innhold også, men litt flaks skal man jo ha). Hilsen og klem


    • Ja, ikke sant! Vi var kjempeheldige… Nå er vi kommet til Seoul – men ingen OL her… He, he! Skal hilse herfra
      OG – Grrrrrraaaaattttiiiiissss med dagen, tante! Klæm fra oss aill


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