Day 61 to 65 Lovely Xi’an

20160828_213119We arrived Xian by bullet train after 6 hours from Beijing. On our trip we could see a beautiful landscape with lots of green hills, mountains, rice fields, flowers, rural villages and urban cities. In the middle of Xi’an there is a very nice green park and riverlike moat outside the old city walls. The walls are rectangular and measures around 15 km. Since Xi’an is one of Chinas old capitals for many centuries it is understandable that they built these walls, but what a huge effort they must have laid into building them… We spent 2 hours biking in the sun on top of them – a great experience – but we were quite tired afterwards. Another attraction right outside Xi’an we were lucky to visit was the 2 500 Terracotta Warriors. Amazing!! What details and precision! Last thing we did was to watch a cultural show inside the ancient city walls – just fantastic – both regarding acting, music and colours we were astonished.

20160828_11293220160828_115113 20160828_114622 20160828_151951 20160828_153356

 The ancient city wall day and night

20160828_124933 20160828_123611 20160828_130652 20160827_202142 20160828_213009 20160828_22225120160828_213247 20160828_221109 20160828_220819The Bell Tower

20160829_213016Terracotta Warriors

20160829_142424 20160829_140439 20160829_140734 20160829_140930 20160829_143219Xi’an Cultural Show

20160828_203129 20160828_203830 20160828_204304 20160828_210039 20160828_21032220160828_21062820160828_211508 20160828_212119 20160828_211809 20160828_21255320160828_212334

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