Day 57 to 60 Beijing in China

Our kids at the Great Wall of China20160826_133515

What a wonderful and contrastful city Beijing is! We were lucky enough to stay at a hotel nearby The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square (den himmelske freds plass). TheTemple of Heaven was also quite nearby so the only place we had to travel for a while by car to see was to The Great Wall of China. Our visits to the different attractions will stay in our memories forever!!! We were impressed by the sizes, the colours, the different architectural styles, the gardens and the immense work behind all of them…

The Forbidden City

20160826_085606 The Temple of Heaven20160825_133801

In the garden outside the Temple of Heaven20160825_132733

Visiting these attractions was more challenging than we expected because of thousands of other visitors… After our 3rd attempt we finally managed to enter The Forbidden City and what a thrill! We were overwhelmed by the size of the city and beauty of the buildings. For 500 years (from 1420 – 1911) the emperors lived in the Imperial Palace named The Forbidden City. There are about 980 buildings and 9 999 rooms inside the city where the emperors lived with their families and servants.

20160826_085310 20160826_093557 20160826_093738 20160826_093402 20160826_093902 20160826_094242 20160826_093253 20160826_091626 20160826_090226 20160826_090814 20160826_090948 20160826_092148

Right in front of The Forbidden City we found The Tiananmen Square – the biggest open square in the world (440 000 m2). At first we did not understand that we actually stood right in the middle of the square… That gave us a big laugh afterwards! 🙂 What a nice surprise!


The whole family loved the Great Wall of China

20160826_144009 20160826_140800 20160826_134310 20160826_142834 20160826_13322720160826_131704 20160826_132359 20160826_143008

20160826_145224 20160826_150154

More pictures of The Temple of Heaven

20160825_135450 20160825_134516 20160825_134740 20160825_134955Beijing city center

20160823_205831 20160826_103318 20160824_105245 20160826_103604 20160823_191824 Mmmmm… delicious!!! I have to admit we did not try these…20160823_192321




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