Day 66 to 68 Picturesque Guilin

20160902_132949We arrived Guilin by plane from Xi’an. From the air we could see that the region was full of lush and green nature, small hat-shaped mountain hills, beautiful curvy rivers, and farmland. Guilin city has more or less the same size as Oslo in Norway regarding inhabitants but when we count the greater outskirts of it, it numbers nearly 5 million people. They farm lots of local fruits, spices and rice. Still the main industry is the production of medicine, textiles, electronics, food (including fish) products and rubber. Our second night in Guilin we had the pleasure of tasting freshly squeezed bamboo juice and it was surprisingly sweet and quite good. We also ate local dishes which included tiny shrimp in their shells. Guilin is famous for its grand nature, Li River, beautiful caves and rice terraces.

Guilin city center

20160902_155100 20160902_154001 20160902_133510

Guilin by night


20160902_21184320160901_20540620160902_211728Luna Noor and Bjørnis on their world wide trip mission


Our trip to Li River in foggy and rainy weather…


20160901_105536 20160901_101837 20160901_103209 20160901_110125 20160901_122710 20160901_123904 20160901_155308 20160901_105436

The small city between the “small-hatted” mountain hills we visited on our Li River trip

20160901_144503 20160901_14264420160901_142633

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