Day 69 to 74 International and modern Hong Kong

Hong Kong by night

zinni3We had a great stay in Hong Kong because of Zinni, her family and friend Jessie. Thanks a lot to all of you! They guided us both during day and nighttime for many days and we were happy to learn lots about different kind of tasteful food and most of the attractions in Hong Kong. They showed us The Peak, Hong Kong Skyline, the Avenue of stars, Ladies marked, The Clock Tower, the Tian Tan Buddha, and the Po Lin Monastery- What a great adventure! Hong Kong is buzzing with life from morning till nighttime – nonstop! It has an international atmosphere and you feel alive only watching the people around you talking, playing and laughing.

The Tian Tan Buddha in Landau Island in Hong Kong


We arrived Hong Kong in the afternoon crowded by people. No wonder – there are about 7.6 million inhabitants in Hong Kong. The skyscrapers mounted up on all sides and the streets were packed with cars, buses, trams, bicycles, and taxis. After a while we understood that the hostel we had reserved to stay in for 3 nights, was in the very city center of Hong Kong. After talking to our friends, we understood that this area was considered the worst regarding criminality in the whole city… The rooms where tiny (around 8 m2 altogether) and could just fit in two small beds and 60 centimeters free space between them to walk on. The bathroom was only big enough to fit in the toilet and a tiny sink. They had put up a shower head over the toilet, and functioned as a shower if you closed the door to the toilet… What a great experience. Luckily we had no problems during our stay there – both with showering and any sort of crime. The next 3 nights we had a totally different experience. We stayed in a hotel a little outside the city center in 53 rd floor in luxurious and spacious rooms with a great view over the city in addition to a comfortable fitness center and beautiful swimming pool.

Hong Kong City Center

20160904_154721 20160904_103025 20160904_103140 20160904_154729 20160904_155518 20160904_180826 20160904_175904 20160904_161537 20160904_161522 20160904_171436

The Peak

zinni620160906_220906 zinni5zinni12Hong Kong Skyline

20160904_174447 20160904_174542 20160904_222303 20160904_222008

Avenue of stars… and Bruce Lee


Dining with Jessie, Zinni and her family – Thanks!!!! 🙂

20160904_210018 20160904_214724 20160904_205944 20160905_200453 20160905_223913 20160905_223926 20160907_200202Ladies Marked

20160905_210831 20160905_210711 20160905_210911 20160905_211102 20160905_211055The Clock Tower


Tian Tan Buddha

20160904_13105320160904_11303520160904_11315920160904_113400 20160904_113526_001 20160904_114025 20160904_114051 20160904_114236

Po Lin Monastery 20160904_122601 20160904_123029 20160904_123026 20160904_123038 20160904_123018…and some butterflies… 🙂20160904_135445

Our first hostel room and toilet-shower


Our last hotelroom and view

20160908_14154920160906_12433920160906_12415820160906_124217Luna Noor and Bjørnis in Hong Kong



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