Day 75 to 78 Surprising New Delhi

Jama Masjid Mosque, New Delhi20160911_111832

We arrived New Delhi in the afternoon by plane from Hong Kong. The trip was nice and we where quite surprised to see so few tall buildings from the sky while arriving. There are about 17 million people living in the Delhi area, making it the next biggest city in India. When visiting some of the main attractions we saw nearly only small buildings and streets crowded by people, rickshaws, cows, goats, camels and cars. The cars and rickshaws were honking their horns all the time making a super-loud sound. We visited three famous attractions named Jama Masjid Mosque, the Red Fort and the Lotus Temple. Another place we were lucky to explore right next to our hotel was the Shiv Murti Mandir Complex where beautiful statues of Shiva and other Hindu Gods could be admired.

Statues of Gods in Shiv Murti Mandir Complex


New Delhi streets

20160911_105256 20160911_104458 20160911_104531 20160911_142333 20160911_104455-stfk3007340s-kopi-som-er-i-konflikt-2016-09-14 20160911_104440 20160911_104537

Jama Masjid Mosque

20160911_111736 20160911_110320 20160911_110259 20160911_110653 20160911_110731 20160911_111227 20160911_111145 20160911_111653

The Red Fort

20160911_114540 20160911_113409 20160911_114557 20160911_114814 20160911_115504 20160911_115516 20160911_120135 20160911_120244 20160911_120932 20160911_121142

The Lotus Temple

20160911_151831 20160911_153331 20160911_153744 20160911_153800 20160911_154325

Shiv Murti Mandir Complex

20160911_165513 20160911_165750

20160911_165314 20160911_165608

20160911_165650 Our hotel in New Delhi

20160910_130406 20160912_203300 20160912_203247

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