Day 79 to 81 Beautiful Agra

Taj Mahal in Agra

After driving about 200 km – using 6 hours!! – we arrived in our hotel in Agra. 🙂 If we thought that New Delhi was loud, this was nothing compared to what we experienced in Agra. Still the number of inhabitants is not more than around 1.4 million people. A hectic and colourful city center met us  while arriving in the evening. Our number one adventure in Agra was of course Taj Mahal. And no wonder – what a beautiful and magnificent building. And what a story connected to it. Shah Jahan (Mughal emperor) built this ivory-white marble mausoleum in memory of his favourite wife Arjumand Banu Begum also called Mumtaz Mahal. She died after giving birth to their 14th child. The name Taj Mahal means Crown Palace and was named after Muntaz Mahal. Another attraction we were fortunate to see is the amazing Agra Fort. Finally we experienced the celebration of the return of the God Ganesha to the river – a colourful and lively happening. Lots of people were in the streets playing load music, dancing and putting colour in their own faces and those passing by… 🙂


Taj Mahal

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We also got time to visit the Agra Fort – what buildings and sizes! We learned that most of the today’s internet games for young people have taken ideas from forts like this when creating the atmosphere and obstacles the players must overcome during their game. Funny and interesting! 🙂

Agra Fort

20160914_160118 20160914_160145


20160914_160435 20160914_160420 20160914_16050120160914_161409 20160914_161506 20160914_161538 20160914_161852 20160914_161854 20160914_162340 20160914_163536 20160914_163615 20160914_163719 20160914_164315 20160914_165240 20160914_165504 20160914_165600 20160914_165745 20160914_170129 20160914_170132 20160914_170708 Our hotel

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A group of people were celebrating the return of the God Ganesha to the river, singing and dancing in the streets as they passed us. They were friendly enough to give each and one of us some colour in our faces – a fun experience. 🙂

 20160915_162953 20160915_164241


Luna Noor and Emeric try local clothes



2 thoughts on “Day 79 to 81 Beautiful Agra

    • Takk, Astrid! Ja, nå har vi hatt helg og er inne i snart ei ny… Dagene og ukene galopperer av sted. Vi nyter hvert et inntrykk og hver en opplevelse. Varme klemmer til dere alle 🙂


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