Day 82 to 84 Namaste Varanasi

What a thrill to go from Agra to Varanasi by train. We spent a whole day watching the amazingly green and lush landscape spread out as the train rolled through village after village. Arriving Varanasi was even more spectacular. In the evening we were picked up at the train station by hotel employees for a one hour trip by car to a street nearby our hotel. To get to the hotel we had to go for about 10 minutes. What an amazing new world that was to us. The narrow streets full of people, animals, dirt, shops and temples made a huge impression on us all. This over 4000 year old city known as “the city of light” is one of the most sacred cities of the world today and is seen by devotees as “the home of Shiva”. The legend even tells us that the God Shiva founded Varanasi. The city rises from the many stone steps up from the Ganges river and is as colourful, chaotic, full of houses, temples, narrow streets, aroma, people, different animals and holy cows you can only imagine. Devoted Indians come here either to wash away their sins for a lifetime in the river Ganges or to cremate their loved ones in the belief that they will achieve the salvation of the soul from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. We will never forget this city for as long as we shall live – and I personally adored it! During our stay our superb guide Prakash gave us the history of different temples, shops, weaving factories for making saris, the main cremation place, the university and the evening rituals with thousands of lights floating on the Ganges river. Thank you sooooo much! 🙂


Another surprising and very pleasant experience we had in Varanasi was the warm welcome that all people greats you with – namely “namaste”. This greeting means in essence “I bow to the divine in you” and is used to give a respectful greeting of someone. Watching the people we met pressing palms together facing thumbs upwards and doing a little bow with the head some 20 times, we all got the hang of it in the end. This was a quite nice way of meeting someone and you felt calm and peaceful doing this.

The train trip from Agra to Varanasi

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Our colorful and spiritual hotel in Varanasi

20160917_102535 20160916_203426-kopi 20160916_204054-kopi 20160916_204046-kopi 20160916_204842-kopi 20160916_204948-kopi 20160916_205319-kopi 20160916_204736-kopi 20160917_102541

The narrow streets, holy cows and city of Varanasi

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 I even wonder if my own sister has a secret hotel in Varanasi… 🙂20160916_202054

The main crematorium in Varanasi – with its eternal flame

20160917_121028 20160917_121033 20160917_121016 20160917_121014

Temples and holy wells for fertility

20160917_120340 20160917_120323

20160917_123828 20160917_125022 20160918_121809 20160918_122112 20160918_124004 20160918_124008 20160918_124037 20160918_124044 20160918_133613 20160918_133754 20160918_134101 20160918_135358

Evening rituals on the river Ganges

20160917_180311 20160917_180343 20160917_180353 20160917_180402 20160917_180408 20160917_180415 20160917_180425 20160917_181205 20160917_181238

And then you light the candle and make a wish…20160917_183006

The cosy Banana Lassi cafe in Varanasi with their speciality Lassi – Yummy!

20160918_113400 20160917_135145 20160918_110558 20160917_134414 20160917_134402 20160918_113435

The weaving factories

20160917_142833 20160917_142838 20160917_142926

And this is how the woven saris may look like…


Before leaving Varanasi I just had to visit one of the famous astrologers in the city! What a thrill! What a pity one of the drawbacks of this visit was that I was not allowed to tell anyone about the content of the conversation we had… That includes you! Ha, ha! There was some fish inside his office that seemed very intelligent. These pictures tells it all…


2 thoughts on “Day 82 to 84 Namaste Varanasi

  1. Hei!😀 Dette er bare SÅ BRA og du er fantastisk flink til å sette ord på alle opplevelser! Fantastisk å lese om bl.a. Varanasi!!! Kulturelt og spirituell, rituelt (spre asken på Ganges) reinkarnasjon, – livet fra starten til døden. Masse ritualer ved en begravelse og de tar jo likene ut av sine krypter hvert 7. år for å legge levningene i ny silke før de blir lagt tilbake i sine krypter. Og så holder de fest til minne om de døde og for at de skal få delta og ikke glemmes. Ganske annerledes ……! De døde blir hedret og feiret på en skjønn måte! Skjønner det må ha gjort stort inntrykk på deg og dere når jeg blir så “hensatt” av historien(e)! Spennende og opplysende!😀👍👏 (Så flotte bilder også). SÅ BRA!👏
    Ser som før fram til nye leserbrev!😀

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  2. Så utrolig koselig med slike meldinger, Greta! Ja, Varanasi gjorde virkelig inntrykk på oss alle sammen. Og det var så fantastisk artig å få være med på seremoniene og oppleve alt sammen på ordentlig. Verden er utrolig fargerik og forskjellig og takk og pris for det! 🙂 Varm klem fra oss alle til dere. Hils!


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