Day 85 to 88 Contrastful Mumbai

Gateway of India20160923_140708

Arriving Mumbai in thunderstorms and monsoon rains put a swift brake on our many plans to see various attractions in this city of contrasts. As the population in Mumbai is estimated to be over 19 million, and the biggest city in India, there is no doubt that these people live under different conditions. Unfortunately the weather did not encourage us to leave the hotel for more than one day to do sightseeing, we did not visit to many spots of interest. Some attractions however we did take a closer look at. These were, the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach, the Bandra-Worli Sea Link and Hadji Ali Mosque. 🙂 Other interesting sights such as the movie Mekka Bollywood, the Elefanta Island and the Mumbay slum we have to visit another time.

The Bandra-Worli Sea Link


Even if we did not visit the slum, this was the first thing we noticed on our way to land in Mumbai. The Dharavi slum covers an area of about 2,3 km 2, is one of the biggest slums in the world and is home to an estimate of 700 000 to 1 000 000 people! Even if the living standard is poor the many household enterprises employ many of the slums residents making them able to produce leather, textiles and pottery products that are exported around the world.

Parts of the Dharavi slum

 Gateway of India20160923_141505 20160923_141809 20160923_141737 20160923_141855

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Building standard and architectural differences


The Bandra-Worli Sea Link

20160923_171523 20160923_171550 Marine Drive

20160923_150240 20160923_151055

Chowpatty Beach

20160923_150055 20160923_145630 20160923_145624

City temple – unknown name…

20160923_164154 20160923_164439 20160923_164639 20160923_164623 20160923_164354

Hadji Ali Mosque

20160923_165853 20160923_165910

The Mumbai International Airport – an architectural beauty

20160923_180812 20160923_181455

Ib Margido got stopped by an overly eager security personnel at the airport before leaving for Sri Lanka. He seemed very serious asking Ib what was in his pockets. At first he asked Ib “what is this?” finding a set of earphones in his pocket. Ib answered “a set of earphones” whereupon the man said “put it here”. Next time he asked “what is this?” and Ib answered “cigarettes” he also said in the same monotone voice “put it here”, Ib had problems not laughing as the officer clearly could see what the things he had in his pockets were… We all had a big laugh when Ib told us the story afterwards. 🙂 As all of us was waiting for Ib to come, we noticed this officer, and I had a moment to take a picture of the whole séance…


2 thoughts on “Day 85 to 88 Contrastful Mumbai

  1. Hei, hei!
    Store kontraster her, ja(!), – men som vanlig herlige bilder som illustrerer det godt!😀 Så brune og fine som dere alle er blitt, tenker jeg kanskje det var godt å oppleve litt regn også. Må si det var/er en imponerende airport, da! Her har nok arkitektene fått utfolde seg!😀 Utfolde seg var nok også det sikkerhetsvakta prøvde seg på med Ib Margido også!😅. Ja, det blir nok mange spesielle opplevelser “å ta med seg”, men herlig når de av den sorten man får seg en god latter av!
    Vi kjører lørdag til Skien (skal hente oss ny bruktbil), så det blir kanskje litt “stille” herfra en stund, men jeg kommer til, som vanlig, – å se fram til nye eventyr!

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