Day 96 Amazing Sigiriya and exciting Dambulla

Ib Margido and Luna Noor relaxing on top of The Lion Rock Fortress


On our way from Kalkudah to Kandy, we had to stop at some of the main attractions in Sri Lanka. These are called, the Lion Rock Fortress in Sigiriya and the The Cave Temple in Dambulla. The history of these two attractions are quite unique. In short, the Lion Rock Fortress is a 200 meter high massive rock. In the 5th century the king of Sri Lanka Kasyapa, wanted this place to be his new capital and built an urban city with impressing architecture at the foot of this rock. On top of the rock he built a palace to keep him safe… The Cave Temple in Dambulla consists of 5 caves and they have altogether 153 Buddha statues and are full of paintings on the walls and ceilings. Before these caves were dedicated Buddha and his life (when Buddhism arrived Sri Lanka), findings show that ancient Sri Lankians have lived in the caves as there has been found 2700 years old sceletons burried nearby…


Sigirya – Lion Rock Fortress

20161001_123305 20161001_123312To walk up the rock we used about an hour…  20161001_12353920161001_123522 20161001_124222 20161001_124343 20161001_124442 20161001_124636 20161001_124852 20161001_125113 20161001_130157Lion Feet Entrance to the Fortress 20161001_1302120 20161001_130518 20161001_130721 20161001_130948 20161001_131301An hour later – on top of the Lion Rock Fortress…20161001_131609 20161001_132206 What an astonishing view…20161001_132249 20161001_132304 20161001_132108 20161001_132136 20161001_132724 20161001_132631 20161001_132837 20161001_133935 20161001_133941 20161001_134548 20161001_134334

Dambulla Cave Temple

20161001_151749 20161001_151445 20161001_152242 20161001_152431

20161001_160647 20161001_153658-kopi 20161001_153520-kopi 20161001_153912-kopi  20161001_154018-kopi  20161001_154209-kopi 20161001_154258-kopi 20161001_154303 20161001_154403-kopi 20161001_155122-kopi 20161001_155352 20161001_155917 20161001_160456



2 thoughts on “Day 96 Amazing Sigiriya and exciting Dambulla

  1. Puh! Ikke akkurat for noen med høydeskrekk; den oppstigningen til Lion Rock Fortress!
    Tøffe og utrolig flotte bilder som gir oss et snev av eventyrene dere har. Det er en fornøyelse å lese og få se mye av det dere opplever.
    Klem fra Astrid ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Så fint å høre! Ja, vi har virkelig noen utrolig fine opplevelser og Lion Rock Fortress var bare magisk. Å komme til toppen for så å se utover landskapet var helt nydelig. 🙂 Håper dere har det fint der hjemme. Varme klemmer fra SivenLiven med familie


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