Day 97 and 98 Sweetest Kandy, Ceylon tea and Elephant rides

Kandy Lake


In Kandy town, earlier the capital of Sri Lanka, we had to visit the downtown, the sweetest Kandy Lake, the Tooth Relic Temple and the Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue up in the mountainside of the city. The Tooth Relic Temple is one of the most sacred Buddha worship places in Sri Lanka as the story tells us the Buddha’s tooth is inside the temple. The Bahiravokanda Buddha Statue is not too old and built by monks from the area.

Our cozy hostel in Kandy

20161002_100315 Deeply concentrated…20161002_082142

Downtown Kandy

20161002_170330 20161003_104543 20161002_155331


Tooth Relic Temple


20161002_131454_001 20161002_131133

20161002_132555 20161002_131627 20161002_132201


20161002_133037 20161002_132950 20161002_132858 20161002_132923 20161002_135014

Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue

20161002_121106 20161002_121058 20161002_121130 20161002_121154

20161002_121236 20161002_121206 20161002_122343 20161002_122357Overview of Kandy town from the Buddha statue 20161002_121558 20161002_122525Kandy Lake20161002_15532120161002_160023

On our way from Kandy to Negombo we encountered two more fantastic experiences, namely a visit to a tea fabric and an elephant wash and -ride trip. No more than fantastic!

 Our splendid guide explaning the whole process of making the finest Ceylon tea20161003_113842 20161003_113202 20161003_104847 20161003_104851 20161003_104907_001 20161003_105205 20161003_105355 20161003_105602 20161003_105922 20161003_105943 20161003_110052 20161003_110405 And in the end you have the finest Ceylon tea…20161003_112132 20161003_113104Elephant life, washing and riding

20161003_123603 20161003_123607 20161003_125733  20161003_125859 20161003_125332 20161003_124830 20161003_12450620161003_124345 20161003_124418 20161003_130439 20161003_131231 20161003_131734

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