Day 319 to 326 Romantic Jamaica

Some top shots from Jamaica

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We arrived Kingston from Cancun via Miami a beautiful evening in May. I have to admit I was quite curious about the whole Island we had seen such wonderful athletes from sins we were little.

Some small facts about Jamaica before I try to capture our adventures in the Island. The official language is English, the currency is Jamaican dollars, the population is around 2.85 million people, the main religion is Christianity, the capital is Kingston and the island is the 3rd biggest in the Caribbean Sea situated 15 kilometers south of Cuba. Bob Marley was born here and the Rasta religion is still very much alive. Even if there are not too many of them, they are lively and musically visible throughout the island.


After checking out our luggage we picked up our rental car and drove to Kingston town. We had a very special and almost surreal experience meeting up with our host in Kingston that night. To make a long story short, the apartment we had rented with air-condition and breakfast was “not available” and our host told us he had “upgraded” us to another house where we would be sleeping – in a beautiful house with garden. We ended up in a garage without air-condition!! All the other rooms were taken because there were 10 others renting in the same house. So there we were, all three of us in a garage with two beds – and it was hoooot and no air! Not so fun then… Now we are laughing about the whole experience. 🙂 The next day, we asked to be moved to another apartment and we were lucky enough to get one with air-condition. Our days in Kingston went on like this…

As we only had 7-8 days to explore it, we had to be quick. We visited the Bob Marley museum and the famous Devon House where they sell the well-known “i scream”. 🙂 We had to taste it, but Luna Noor was not convinced neither were we. Still the ice cream was a refreshing experience and the house and gardens were beautiful.

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After two days we drove to Negril on the north-west side of the island. We spent three days sunbathing, swimming, relaxing, reading and writing blog posts while Ole Martin was working long days… Not too bad for us ladies! 🙂 We managed to visit Rick’s café which was one of the main attraction in Negril. What a breathtaking site! Open bar/café with possibilities of diving into the ocean if too hot! 🙂

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We went later on to Ocho Rios where we spent two and a half days exploring the dolphin caves with dolphin activities, snorkelling, visiting the glistening waters, and blue lagoon. The reggae music on the stereo system where we lived was forever present, load, romantic and cool! What amazing experiences – they could turn tired world-travellers into the most romantic and content persons…

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Early the last day we drove back to Kingston where we found time to visit Port Royal before travelling to the USA and New York. The visit was both fun and a bit scary… The history could make anyone terrified. There where tales of piracy, sinful life, ghosts and many earthquakes and tsunamis as part of the “cleansing process” according to a priest living there, the guide told us. Two thirds of the island and its inhabitants were washed into the sea (disappeared) at one time… No wonder this islands history gave inspiration to the famous movies “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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No need to mention – we would looooove to come back to Jamaica!!! 🙂


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