Day 327 to 332 Busy, loud and beautiful New York

Some top shots from “The big apple”

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We arrived New York late in the afternoon watching the thunder and lightning in the west towards Michigan. Luckily we were able to avoid the bad weather following the coastline from Miami.

While Jamaica had Jamaican dollars we now had to get used to the value of US dollars. Still the language was English and the culture and vehicles were not too different from those we know from Europe. As there are around 8.5 million residents in “The big apple” we could not help but notice all the different sounds like honks, yelling and laughter, as well as the different smells and rubbish many places in the city. Still we found New York to be beautiful with its small parks, shopping streets, live theaters, cinemas, buildings and museums. There are lots to see in this vibrant city.


Our plan was to spend five days in the big city while enjoying late mornings, coffees in street café’s, eating nice dinners in random restaurants and of course visiting the biggest attractions in the city. The first day we took the subway to Lower Manhattan and walked to visit Wall Street, Trinity Church, Ground Zero, The National Museum of the American Indian, and Brooklyn Bridge. We had a wonderful day inside the big apple.

Wall Street

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Trinity Church

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Ground Zero (Memorial to the Twin Towers)

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The National Museum of The American Indian

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The Queensborow Bridge – forgot to take pictures of Brooklyn Bridge… 🙂

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On day two we went to Staten Island and passed The Statue of Liberty. After that we walked up from Soho to midtown Manhattan to The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and Times Square. WOW! The buildings were quite tall and impressive. Some of the architecture was very nice as well. Still the streets were packed with people and tourists and the noise was some times a bit too much for delicate Norwegian ears. 🙂

Statue of Liberty

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Manhatten Streets and buildings

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Rockefeller Center

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Saint Patricks Cathedral 

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Our third day we went to Central Park and Zoo. What a beautiful and peaceful part of the city. We ate lunch out under the trees and watched the animals and flowers almost the entire day. Later the same evening we went to see the musical “Miss Saigon” with Luna Noor. We all liked it a lot.

Central Park and Zoo

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Before the “Miss Saigon” Musical

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Day forth we went to the Norwegian Church Abroad to celebrate our National Day, 17th of May. After travelling the world for almost a year we were eager to explore some of the Norwegian food and chocolate inside. Delicious!!! We ate Norwegian hot dogs, cakes, waffles and chocolate. Luna Noor even wanted to buy a Norwegian tomato soup to save! 🙂 The kids were having fun playing different Norwegian cultural games, Elin Bergithe Rognlie held the key speech and Hanne Sørvåg sang with her band before most people walked the 17th of May Parade. We had a great day together with other Norwegians and Norwegian Americans.

17th of May – The Norwegian Nathional Day

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Our last day we spent walking in Manhattan revisiting Times Square, Grand Central Terminal and ate a delicious dinner nearby our hotel.

New York was a very nice city we will probably be back to visit at a later time. 🙂


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