Day 333 to 339 Friendly, nice and clean Montreal

Tops shots from Montreal

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We arrived Montreal in Canada by plane from New York in the afternoon the 18th of May. Our dear friend Susan came to pick us up in the airport and we drove to their place in Montreal.

On our worldwide family tour we met Susan and Stephane on the bus from Hanoi to Halong Bay in Vietnam. We all started talking and just loved their company from the start. For the first time on our trip Luna Noor dared to talk English with someone without being afraid of making mistakes and she just looooved talking to Susan. She was the perfect teacher and soon Luna Noor felt like she had gotten a new best friend. Actually this was the foremost reason we went to Canada this time. We really wanted to see where they came from and lived their lives. So we e-mailed each other and lucky enough Susan and Stephane were thrilled by the idea to see us again so they invited us to their place in Montreal for some magical days in May! 🙂

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Some small facts about Montreal before telling the rest of our experiences in Canada. It has around 1.8 million inhabitants and is the biggest city of the Quebec province and the next biggest french speaking city in the world after Paris. Still most people in Montreal are bilingual, also speaking English.

Kayaking with Susan and Stephane


We had the most wonderful stay in Montreal with Susan and Stephane and their dear friends, Barbara, Duncan and Sarah. Barb and Duncan even invited us for dinner at their home and learned us the game of Skip-bo and now we are all eager to play to have a rematch about who is best of Norway and Canada in this game… 🙂 Susan had made plans for us to see a lot of what Montreal has to offer regarding activities. Our days consisted of marvellous days with beautiful nature, fishing, kayaking, sightseeing in Montréal City, Cirque du Soleil, Escape maze, delicious dinners, wonderful breakfasts with their famous bagels, late evenings with good friends playing Skip-bo, eating dinner in a historical place in the forest of Montréal and shopping. In addition I had my first experience ever with opera together with Susan watching “La Bohème”. I just loved it! 🙂

Nature, kayaking and fishing

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Montreal City

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Cirque du Soleil

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Escape Maze (how to escape a room with clues…) Much fun! 🙂

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Making spring rolls and relaxing at home with Susan and Steph

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Dinner and “skip-bo night” with dear friends

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Out with Susan and Steph

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On our way home with the ferry… 🙂

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La Bohème – just wonderful! 

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Thank you so very much for a great time!! We will surely be back in some years time. <3<3<3 – and looking forward to seeing you in Norway soooooon!

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