Day 89 to 95 Stunningly beautiful Kalkudah in Sri Lanka



On the east coast of Sri Lanka we found a gem of a secret escape. The stunningly beautiful beaches and waterfronts makes you lose track of time in pure admiration. Furthermore, the hotels, swimming pools, beachfront restaurants, palms, coconuts, white sand, hammocks and corals makes you wonder if this actually is for real… We spent a whole week in this paradise after 4 days of thunderstorms in Mumbai. Pure magic and a paradise on earth! Lazy days were spent in the sun, swimming, eating delicious food, relaxing in hammocks and sun beds, playing volleyball and football on the beach, driving water scooters, reading books, taking pictures, writing blog, playing card games, sleeping, talking, laughing, meditating and daydreaming. A wonderful break in our otherwise quite hectic schedule of travelling around the world – wanting to see, explore and understand as much as possible from the different countries, cultures, landscapes, architectures and religions that we possibly can.


I have to admit that my knowledge of Sri Lanka and its history is quite limited. After talking to a couple where she was dutch and he was from Sri Lanka I realized that the most famous tea comes from the mountains in Sri Lanka… And I am ashamed to say I had no idea that this tea was called Ceylon… No wonder – as the name of Sri Lanka before 1972 was Ceylon!!! Oh dear! I wonder how ignorant I can be! After travelling through many countries I realize that Great Britain has had a great influence on most of them – both in terms of culture and language… Sri Lanka has for many years been among the riches countries in Asia because of their tea cultivation and export to the rest of the world. Hopefully we will be able to visit one of the tea plantations before we leave from Sri Lanka.

Beach life in Kalkudah

20160926_132629 20160926_135652 20160926_140206 20160928_115001 20160928_115309

20160926_161736 20160926_1617310

20160929_135945 20160929_140458 20160930_132534 20160930_134019 20160930_133759 20160930_133538 20160930_133400



20160924_124508 20160924_123016 20160924_123411 20160925_144713 20160925_145026    20160925_174928 20160925_180314




Pool life

20160926_132927 20160926_133028

20160926_132755 20160926_132538 20160926_132457 20160926_132728 20160925_181708

The boys’ hotel pool


20160926_14271020160926_14272820160926_14275520160928_120640 Hotel life

The boys’ hotel

20160924_113344 20160924_113140 20160924_135223 20160924_135253 20160924_135508 20160924_135906 20160926_143139

Our hotel

20160924_202127 20160925_131638 20160925_131734 20160925_131903 20160925_132008 20160925_132021 20160925_132036 20160924_122124 20160924_122130 20160924_122343

Flowers, flower girls and man, cakes and masks…

20160930_134843 20160925_144054

20160925_144309 20160924_195824 20160924_193039 20160928_145847 20160924_125221 20160924_125216 20160924_125203 20160924_125156 20160924_123347 20160924_123342

2 thoughts on “Day 89 to 95 Stunningly beautiful Kalkudah in Sri Lanka

    • Heisann! Ja, de har vi heldigvis unngått ennå… 🙂 Ellers er vi kommet til Kambodsja og her er det utrolig mye fint å se… Snart kommer nye blogginnlegg, så da blir det mange nye fine bilder å se. Klem


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