Day 312 to 318 Impressing Maya history in Mexico

Some top shots from Mexico

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We had panned to stay for only 6 days to explore a tiny part of Mexico, namely Cancun at its surrounding historical sites. All three of us were looking forward to eat some of our favourite food – fajita and tacos! We couldn’t wait to eat these favourites from its birthplace. And we were not disappointed. The food we ate in Mexico was delicious!

Some small facts about Mexico; There are about 130 million inhabitants in Mexico, the capital is called Mexico City, the official language is Spanish but there are around 60 other languages spoken in the country. The currency is Mexican pesos and the country got its independence from Spain in 1821. The roads were good, at least the roads where we drove. It seemed like the vehicles used were the same of that at home (in Europe) like cars, buses, trains and bicycles. Over 80% of Mexico’s inhabitants are Catholics. The nature is diverse, ranging from mountains and volcanoes to desert, jungle and nice beaches.

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