Getting around

Visiting 3 of the largest cities in the world (Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing) with a total population of ca 70 million, we must conclude that there are no problem getting around even when the language is so different, and the locals do not speak English at all.


At the great wall of China, we experienced that one Chinese family of 5 made more noise than a hole preschool class in Norway. So much for a quiet time on the big wall.


Attitude and social understanding are very different in Japan, South Korea and China. Japan as quiet and very polite, where there is nearly no talking on trains or undergrounds and people was always concerned about you. South Korea was always using their mobile phone, and did not care about bumping into a child or others (do not say sorry). In China there are a lot of noise everywhere. People are shouting all the time, but people seems to care when they bump into each other.


We experienced nearly no smog during our stay in Beijing. The city has totally changed since year 2000. There was only electric bicycles and motor bikes, even the smallest cars were electric – with no pollution. But still a great number of polluting cars.