Hua Hin

We arrived in Hua Hin in the evening after leaving Siv and Luna at the airport in Bangkok. They went to Serbia and the boys was going to wait in Hua Hin. Ole stayed in an apartment resort north of the centre. Emeric and Ib stayed in a hotel in the centre of Hua Hin. After one day, we had experienced the same thing. Young girls offering all kind of services and we did not feel very good about it. My apartment was nearly 1 km from the nearest restaurant. The resort I stayed in was nearly empty but with a fantastic pool and training facilities. After renting a car the boys often visited me to work out.

After one week Emeric and I went to Bangkok, and I had an eye surgery that with fantastic results.


Below are some pictures from our stay in Hua Hin.

Day 154 – 160 Sunny and funny Pattaya in Thailand

This sign was put up in front of the immigration entrance in the airport 🙂 Good to know…


After a tiny stop in Europe (two weeks in Subotica in Serbia) we headed for Asia again. Our plane arrived Bangkok in Thailand one early november morning after some 10 – 11 hours flight from Europe. Luckily Ole was at the airport to pick us up and we went for some relaxing days in Pattaya at the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand (about 100 km south-east of Bangkok and a 1.5 hours drive by car). Our stay consisted of lazy days in the sun and shade, late breakfasts and dinners eating yummy food, going to the beach or the rooftop pool area to swim, read books and play with Luna, visits to the rainforest to try zip-lining from scary heights (oh my!) and a watching animals at a zoo not far from the coastline. Pattaya is well-known as a tourist magnet, late nights, beautiful beaches and playful people. We even ended up watching a Jet-ski world cup competition there. The city consists of only 100 000 inhabitants but if you count the bigger area around the city there is over 1 million people living there. We stayed in Jomtien a little outside the city center and that was a good choice as the beaches there had white sand and extended over many kilometers… After chasing many attractions and famous sights in many countries on our worldwide trip, this place was a nice and relaxed experience for our family. We got some rest and are gathered strength to our next stop on this journey – which we had planned to be Bangkok!!! I think gathering strength before going there was a wise thing to do…

On our visit to “Flight of the Gibbons” nearby Pattaya


Flying (zip-lining) through the rainforest in Thailand

Ole and Emeric – here they come

At the zoo in the rainforest



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Best priced food

Using internet and services like TripAdvisor are something we all do to find a cheap and good restaurant. However there are other methods that function better. In large cities the best priced food is often at 1st or 2nd floor. Look where the locals goes, then the experience will be best. TripAdvisor does only give you tourist places that all are more or less expensive. In Bangkok some days ago Emeric and I did eat lunch for only 1,5 US$ each. Good food and good service.

Day 138 to 153 Relaxed Subotica in Serbia

Unique and beautiful building in the center of Subotica


Our next adventure on our trip around the world is Subotica in Serbia. From sunny and warm weather in Vietnam we reached Oslo in Norway /Europe one winter afternoon. Fortunately my sister Lara and Luna’s friend Tina with her mother Wenche came to meet us at the airport. We had 2 hours together, eating, chatting and laughing. What a joy! Thank you soooo much for planning your time to meet us, all of you!

As part of our worldwide family tour I had to finnish my jaw surgeries that had I started almost two years ago in NorDent’s clinic in Subotica in Serbia. To make a long story short, I had an accident resulting in loss of 7 adult teeth at the age of 11. For many years I have lived problem free with two bridges in my mouth. Sadly two years ago I got an inflammation in one of the roots which was used as support for one of the two bridges. I had no other choice but to fix it as soon as possible. And luckily I was able to manage it with advanced surgeries in NorDent’s clinic. It has been a long and emotional journey but the result is worth the time, effort and pain… 🙂

To make the trip somewhat exciting to Luna Noor, we called this “the ladies trip” so that she and I could get some time alone exploring this city in the northern Serbia which is known for its unique architecture, relaxed atmosphere and good food. Unfortunately I had to spend from 3 to 6 hours inside NorDent’s clinic every second or third day for two weeks but Luna Noor was very patient and waited for me while she was doing schoolwork (math and reading). One of NorDent’s employees, Sandra, was also a great support and made Luna Noor feel welcomed and taken care of. After walking in and out the clinic’s doors for almost two weeks we felt that we came to know both the dentist, assistants, surgeon, dental technician and administrative personnel… Thank you so much for making me able to smile again – with teeth in my mouth! 🙂

Even if much time was spent inside the dentist’s room we were still able to enjoy days and nights by walking in the city, watching “Trolls” in the cinema – in Serbian language!! :-), sight-seeing, visit the hairdresser, eating good food (pizza, soups and salads… Yummy!), celebrating Luna’s 9th birthday, bowling and shopping.

Sandra, Siv, Igor and Luna Noor at NorDent in Subotica


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