Day 278 to 285 Sweet Chile

Higlights from Santiago and Valparaìso

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We arrived Santiago in Chile in the afternoon after some hours’ flight from Lima in Peru. Our plan was to visit Valparaiso and some relatives of my sister’s husband before ending up back in the capital for some days.First, we bought a sim-card and some GB for browsing on the internet. Then we picked up our rental car and headed towards Valparaiso. Our GPS (Google Maps) showed us the way and we found both Valparaiso city and our rented apartment easily. What we did not know was that we had been contacted by email by the landlord while we were in the Amazonas in Peru, asking us to confirm our booking. As we were offline the whole time and obviously did not answer that email, the landlord cancelled our booking… So we ended up booking another apartment in Viña del Mar (the neighbour town to Valparaiso) which was a scoop – both the area and the apartment! 😊

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Day 245 to 262 Surprisingly beautiful Southwest USA

Some of our highlights from Southwest USA

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We arrived Los Angeles in the afternoon after 12 hour’s flight from Auckland in New Zealand. As I am not too fond of flying I had not slept the whole night, changing the time zones from 11 hours after London to 9 hours ahead! Very tired but increasingly happy I was finally able to walk on solid ground again! The others could not understand why walking on solid ground made me sooo happy… Then again, this is only to be understood by those of us who are afraid of flying! 🙂

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Day 231 to 244 Kia ora whakamīharo New Zealand

Waiotapu Thermal Park in Rotorua

We landed in Auckland a less sunny, quite cold and windy sunday afternoon. Our first impression of New Zealand at the airport was not too good. As we tried to pass the immigration counter we found the women less friendly and in a bad mood! We were a little worried this was going to be our impression further on… Luckily we met a young man picking us up from the car rental company who was the total opposite – very friendly and helpful. We were relieved!!! Phew! And – for those of you who wonder -” Kia ora whakamīharo ..” means ” Thank you wonderful…” in Maori language. 🙂

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Day 214 – 230 Kwe’ kelu’sit Australia

Whitsunday Island outside the east coast of Australia

When we were about to land in Sydney we were surprised to see so many one or two floored houses in a spacious area around the city as Sydney is the biggest and oldest city in Australia with 5 million people. By the way – Kwe’ kelu’sit is Aboriginal language and means – Greetings beautiful…

The view of Gold Coast from Tamborine Mountain


Once we landed we picked up our rental car and headed towards Gold Coast and Tamborine Mountain in Queensland with around half a million inhabitants to meet Ole’s relatives. Thank you soooooo much Kaylene, Jim, Lucinda and Damon for inviting us home and making us feel so welcomed. We had a really nice lunch together before walking in the rainforest nearby their house. The colors inside the rainforest were just amazing. 🙂

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Day 185 – 213 Terima kasih – wonderful Indonesia

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!! 🙂

We arrived Bali in Indonesia some days before New Year’s Eve and had planned to meet some friends and family from Norway. Together with Bertha, Lina and Maryann we explored Sanur town, restaurants and beaches. A biiiig thank you to Maryann who showed us how to get around in Sanur. 🙂 On New Year’s Eve we went out to eat and dance at the local bar “Casablanca”, We all had a great time listening and dancing to some nice reggae music all night. Our time in Sanur can be summed up like this – Morning walks with Maryann, breakfast by the pool, swimming, reading books, experiencing heavy rainfalls, getting leg-massage, doing schoolwork with Luna Noor, walking by the sea, talking to friendly Indonesians, taking pictures of the nature and flowers, playing cards, shopping souvenirs and eating late dinners. We even experienced our very first earthquake one morning in bed. That was a bit scary… However it was not too big so we only noticed the beds were shaking a bit. Lucky us!

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Day 167 – 184 Joyful Christmas in the Philippines and Norway

Thanks to all of you for making Christmas 2016 full of everlasting memories! 


Our family spent Christmas three different places in December 2016. Ole Martin went to his hometown in Norway, Narvik, to spend some days with his father Reidar and the rest of his family and friends. Ib Margido spent it with friends in Trondheim in Norway, and Emeric Philip, Luna Noor and Siv Johanne spent it with Siv’s father Ingar and Jenifer and their family and friends in Dumaguete in the Philippines. As I am the one staying in Dumaguete in the Philippines with Emeric and Luna – and took a lot of pictures (“as usual” – I hear Luna Noor says…) I will attempt to summarize the main happenings as best I can.

Dumaguete is situated in the Negros Island in the Philippines where there lives about 150 000 inhabitants. The official languages is Cebuano, Ilongo, Filipino and English. The currency is Pilippine Peso and the temperature varies from 24 to 32 degrees celsius all year round with one wet (June to November) and one dry season (December to May).

During our stay in Dumaguete we experienced the colorful and diverse flora, the green and lush mountainsides, the helpful, smily and relaxed people, an interesting geothermal power plant in the mountains of Valencia, the busy town center, a very joyful Christmas spirit, early morning walks with my dad and his dogs in the neighbourhood, Christmas parties, local food, a local fish market, swimming, a beautiful hotel resort, Philippine fishing, happy karaoke nights, a confused Santa Claus on Christmas eve, and a magical church on our way to Cebu :-). Hera (my little sister) and Luna Noor were having a great time together playing, singing and swimming in the pool. Frances (Jenifers son) and Emeric also spent some nice moments together. 🙂

Jenifer, dad, Hera and Frances


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Early morning walk with the dogs, Rushka and Mali

20161228_062812      20161228_070415

Visiting the Geothermal power plant in Valencia (using hot water steam from vulcano heat many thousand meters into the earth soil to generate electricity)20161221_102533

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