Never ending projects

In India we experienced that nothing was finished. There was construction work everywhere (road, railway, houses ….). Hughes projects with no workers doing the job. New modern railway that ended in the middle of nowhere, 200 km highway with detours all the way between Delhi and Agra. Houses that was only the structures and no more. Maybe it is not that bad in Norway where only small parts of the road are improved at a time….

Great HK

Hong Kong is much larger than I thought, traveling from the centre to the great buddha took more than an hour. Going from the hotel to visit some friends took more than an hour. There are small mountains and forests. And we did not even visit half of Hong Kong.

Foot massage

Foot massage and pedicure in China can be a really great experience to low cost. All the workers were laughing when I put my feet on the chair to be treated. I think they have never cut off so much old dead skin before. –  after the treatment I felt like a baby:)


We did not check the weather forecast before going to Li River, that was a mistake because all the great sceneries were hidden in the mist. The guide said that we had to imaging how it was, and that it was beautiful too – I am not sure I agree:( The day after it was sunny again!

Language is difficult

Language is difficult! Spending 10 minutes to explain that I wanted to pick up a express delivery in the reception in the hotel. Even when they had called for their English expert, the communication was based on translation by mobile phones. Funny thing when we were explaining the way to the woman that helped us with taxi to Guilin North train station. We explained that we wanted to go to Guilinbei, she did not understand. Then we wrote Guilin North in the phone, and she read load “Guilin North, oh you are going to Guilinbei” …..


In Japan there are nearly only small houses (2 to 6 floors), South Korea is totally different with only high buildings. China is a combination of the other two. In HK we only found a few old small buildings.