Day 11 Ngoro Ngoro Crater

The lion king in Ngoro Ngoro crater20160708_103946

After a good night sleep in our camp at about 3000 meters above sea level, we stood up early to eat breakfast. A little behind schedule, with some stomach pain, we started our descend to the Ngoro Ngoro crater to look for lots of animals living there. We had a great day cruising at the bottom of the crater together with lots of different animals – most of them the same as in Serengeti. After some hours driving, we headed back to Moshi where we arrived late in the afternoon. All of us feeling happy but tired. Continue reading

Day 10 Serengeti wonders

Sunrise in Serengeti


Up again at 06:00 to eat an early breakfast and go for a safari in the Serengetis. What  a thrill! As we watched the sun arise we discovered one by one the wonderful different animals living side by side in Serengeti. The animals we were lucky engough to see was  apes, antilopes, zebras, giraffs, elephants, gnus, wild boars, ostrichs, vultures, goats, hyenas, buffaloes and hippos.. Continue reading

Day 9 Travel to Serengeti

Overview of the Ngorongoro (gift of life) crater20160706_135944At 05.30 the alarm clock went off, we slipped into our clothes and picked up our bags.  A new adventure awaited. We set off for Serengeti at 06.30 and arrived our camp destination at 19.30 – exhausted. Still our driver Freddy had driven like a pro in “Rally Dakar”. After a flat tire and a motor breakdown we were lucky enough to get rescued by another Landcruiser and reached the camp just before sunset. Continue reading

Day 8 Chaggas, bananas, gophers and Kilimanjaro

Going bananas…20160705_121305Today we aimed at visiting the Chagga tribe nearby Kilimanjaro. We learned how they made iron spears and tools, cultivate coffe, ananas, bananas and learning about their history with gophers (soil caves) to hide from other tribes in their past. Further we walked to a beautiful waterfall nearby and nearly touched Kilimanjaro… Next time we’ll klimb it perhaps? 🙂      Continue reading

Day 3 and 4 Hakuna Matata at Zanzibar

Seaview outside Villa BahatiOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the days for relaxation. Waking up early in the morning to birds singing outside our villa. Spending days looking at the view – which was amazing. The fishermen came in with their catch and children and women came to help carrying it from the boats. By the way – Hakuna matata in Swahili means “Relax – no worries”. Continue reading

One month to go…

One month from now our dream journey has started… Our first stop is Africa. Most likely we will already have reached Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania. If we are lucky our next stop will be the island of Zanzibar, then the national park Serengeti, a village visit nearby Kilimanjaro before travelling to Zambia.