Body noise

Kina and India has one thing in common. Everywhere you hear body noises (burp, hawk, fart, slurp, cluck out load, and so on). I wonder if this is something that becomes ok when the total population exceeds 1 billion people:)

Never ending projects

In India we experienced that nothing was finished. There was construction work everywhere (road, railway, houses ….). Hughes projects with no workers doing the job. New modern railway that ended in the middle of nowhere, 200 km highway with detours all the way between Delhi and Agra. Houses that was only the structures and no more. Maybe it is not that bad in Norway where only small parts of the road are improved at a time….

Day 99 to 100 Relaxing Negombo in Sri Lanka

Emeric Philip in front of the Laccadive sea (Indian Ocean)20161004_174510

We had two lazy days in Negombo before leaving Sri Lanka. Negombo is a relaxed city close to the capital Colombo. We spent two days and 3 nights by the Laccadive Sea (Indian Ocean) eating late breakfasts, sitting on the dock morning and evening sharing good time talking, trying the local Tuk Tuks, visiting the city center with its markets, having late dinners. Just spending time to gather new energy… 🙂

Luna Noor and Ib Margido chatting in front of the sea

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Day 97 and 98 Sweetest Kandy, Ceylon tea and Elephant rides

Kandy Lake


In Kandy town, earlier the capital of Sri Lanka, we had to visit the downtown, the sweetest Kandy Lake, the Tooth Relic Temple and the Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue up in the mountainside of the city. The Tooth Relic Temple is one of the most sacred Buddha worship places in Sri Lanka as the story tells us the Buddha’s tooth is inside the temple. The Bahiravokanda Buddha Statue is not too old and built by monks from the area.

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Day 96 Amazing Sigiriya and exciting Dambulla

Ib Margido and Luna Noor relaxing on top of The Lion Rock Fortress


On our way from Kalkudah to Kandy, we had to stop at some of the main attractions in Sri Lanka. These are called, the Lion Rock Fortress in Sigiriya and the The Cave Temple in Dambulla. The history of these two attractions are quite unique. In short, the Lion Rock Fortress is a 200 meter high massive rock. In the 5th century the king of Sri Lanka Kasyapa, wanted this place to be his new capital and built an urban city with impressing architecture at the foot of this rock. On top of the rock he built a palace to keep him safe… The Cave Temple in Dambulla consists of 5 caves and they have altogether 153 Buddha statues and are full of paintings on the walls and ceilings. Before these caves were dedicated Buddha and his life (when Buddhism arrived Sri Lanka), findings show that ancient Sri Lankians have lived in the caves as there has been found 2700 years old sceletons burried nearby…


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Day 89 to 95 Stunningly beautiful Kalkudah in Sri Lanka



On the east coast of Sri Lanka we found a gem of a secret escape. The stunningly beautiful beaches and waterfronts makes you lose track of time in pure admiration. Furthermore, the hotels, swimming pools, beachfront restaurants, palms, coconuts, white sand, hammocks and corals makes you wonder if this actually is for real… We spent a whole week in this paradise after 4 days of thunderstorms in Mumbai. Pure magic and a paradise on earth! Lazy days were spent in the sun, swimming, eating delicious food, relaxing in hammocks and sun beds, playing volleyball and football on the beach, driving water scooters, reading books, taking pictures, writing blog, playing card games, sleeping, talking, laughing, meditating and daydreaming. A wonderful break in our otherwise quite hectic schedule of travelling around the world – wanting to see, explore and understand as much as possible from the different countries, cultures, landscapes, architectures and religions that we possibly can.


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