Day 75 to 78 Surprising New Delhi

Jama Masjid Mosque, New Delhi20160911_111832

We arrived New Delhi in the afternoon by plane from Hong Kong. The trip was nice and we where quite surprised to see so few tall buildings from the sky while arriving. There are about 17 million people living in the Delhi area, making it the next biggest city in India. When visiting some of the main attractions we saw nearly only small buildings and streets crowded by people, rickshaws, cows, goats, camels and cars. The cars and rickshaws were honking their horns all the time making a super-loud sound. We visited three famous attractions named Jama Masjid Mosque, the Red Fort and the Lotus Temple. Another place we were lucky to explore right next to our hotel was the Shiv Murti Mandir Complex where beautiful statues of Shiva and other Hindu Gods could be admired.

Statues of Gods in Shiv Murti Mandir Complex


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Day 69 to 74 International and modern Hong Kong

Hong Kong by night

zinni3We had a great stay in Hong Kong because of Zinni, her family and friend Jessie. Thanks a lot to all of you! They guided us both during day and nighttime for many days and we were happy to learn lots about different kind of tasteful food and most of the attractions in Hong Kong. They showed us The Peak, Hong Kong Skyline, the Avenue of stars, Ladies marked, The Clock Tower, the Tian Tan Buddha, and the Po Lin Monastery- What a great adventure! Hong Kong is buzzing with life from morning till nighttime – nonstop! It has an international atmosphere and you feel alive only watching the people around you talking, playing and laughing.

The Tian Tan Buddha in Landau Island in Hong Kong

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Day 66 to 68 Picturesque Guilin

20160902_132949We arrived Guilin by plane from Xi’an. From the air we could see that the region was full of lush and green nature, small hat-shaped mountain hills, beautiful curvy rivers, and farmland. Guilin city has more or less the same size as Oslo in Norway regarding inhabitants but when we count the greater outskirts of it, it numbers nearly 5 million people. They farm lots of local fruits, spices and rice. Still the main industry is the production of medicine, textiles, electronics, food (including fish) products and rubber. Our second night in Guilin we had the pleasure of tasting freshly squeezed bamboo juice and it was surprisingly sweet and quite good. We also ate local dishes which included tiny shrimp in their shells. Guilin is famous for its grand nature, Li River, beautiful caves and rice terraces.

Guilin city center

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Day 61 to 65 Lovely Xi’an

20160828_213119We arrived Xian by bullet train after 6 hours from Beijing. On our trip we could see a beautiful landscape with lots of green hills, mountains, rice fields, flowers, rural villages and urban cities. In the middle of Xi’an there is a very nice green park and riverlike moat outside the old city walls. The walls are rectangular and measures around 15 km. Since Xi’an is one of Chinas old capitals for many centuries it is understandable that they built these walls, but what a huge effort they must have laid into building them… We spent 2 hours biking in the sun on top of them – a great experience – but we were quite tired afterwards. Another attraction right outside Xi’an we were lucky to visit was the 2 500 Terracotta Warriors. Amazing!! What details and precision! Last thing we did was to watch a cultural show inside the ancient city walls – just fantastic – both regarding acting, music and colours we were astonished.

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Day 57 to 60 Beijing in China

Our kids at the Great Wall of China20160826_133515

What a wonderful and contrastful city Beijing is! We were lucky enough to stay at a hotel nearby The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square (den himmelske freds plass). TheTemple of Heaven was also quite nearby so the only place we had to travel for a while by car to see was to The Great Wall of China. Our visits to the different attractions will stay in our memories forever!!! We were impressed by the sizes, the colours, the different architectural styles, the gardens and the immense work behind all of them…

The Forbidden City

20160826_085606 The Temple of Heaven20160825_133801

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Day 50 to 56 Seoul in South Korea

In the middle of Seoul city center


The past few days have been quite exciting. Weve learned how to eat with chopsticks, become efficient at buying tickets at the subway and understanding how it works… Even if there is a lot of information in korean language! In the subway nearly all the people were busy on their cellphones and rarely looked up. Another thing we discovered was that the people driving motorbikes often did it in the walk and cycle paths… We got really scared sometimes as we did not notice the bikers until they were right behind us. We also have experienced to go to a water world where almost everybody wore a life-west. No Wonder! The wave in the wave pool looked more like a tsunami!!! Continue reading

Busan i Sør-Korea

20160812_173919I Busan er det veldig vanlig å kjøre moped på sykkel og gangveg. Der kjører folk litt uforsvarlig og fort. Mange biler kjører på rødt lys og grønn mann i fotgjengerfeltet. De har en fin strand og lunken sjø som er deilig og bade i. I Sør-Korea lager de telefonen Samsung de lager også bilene Hyundai og Kia. Vi har vært på et kjempefint akvarium der det var mange djevlerokker og haier. Det hjelper veldig med vifter hvis man skal kjøle seg ned i varmen ute. Når man drar ut føles det ut som om man drar inn i en badstue. Det kan bli ca.38 grader. Det er mange buddistiske templer her omkring. De bruker masse gull og buddafigurer. Absolutt alle som kommer fra Sør- Korea har brunt eller svart hår.

20160812_172734Luna Noor live fra Sør-Korea

Day 45 to 49 Exciting Busan

Busan Cinema Center20160814_213032

Busan is a city with around 3.4 million people and the beach in Haeundae is South Korea’s “Fort Lauderdale”. At the moment it is some degrees too hot (around 35 degrees celsius) and has a busy night life. Haeundae beach is a white sandy one and is 2 km long and is well suited for relaxing and sunbathing. If you want to take a swim the sea is pleasantly warm. The city has a beautiful skyline and most buildings are quite tall making space for the city’s inhabitants. Other sites we’ve visited are Sea Life Busan Aquarium, Busan Lotte Shopping Mall, Busan Cinema Center and Beomeosa temple. All four sites were great fun.

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Day 42 to 44 Hiroshima

The whole family in front of The A-bomb Dome in Hiroshima


We just had to see and experience Hiroshima before leaving Japan. The city has over 1,2 million inhabitants.The Peace Memorial Museum is a must. Another great site is The Hiroshima Palace. We visited both sites and will go to visit The Hiroshima Contemporary Art Museum before leaving for Busan in South Korea in two days. Continue reading

Day 38 to 41 Magical Kyoto

The golden temple in Kyoto


I have to admit I thought Kyoto would be a little less exciting than Tokyo… I was wrooooong! In this city one can explore plenty of historical, cultural and world heritage sites like gardens, forests, temples, lakes and shrines.The shopping district is great fun to explore as well. The pictures will tell it all… I just looooove Kyoto!!! Continue reading